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Is Becoming an Independent AMSOIL Dealer Worth It?

You’re probably already an AMSOIL enthusiast. Perhaps an existing AMSOIL Dealer mentioned an opportunity to make money selling products you already know and love. Or maybe you are entrepreneurial, understand that earning money requires effort and appreciate working with like-minded individuals.

Our guess is all the above. Check out this short video and then keep reading — you’re in the right place.

AMSOIL Dealers are typically gearheads or existing brand enthusiasts who want to earn money while doing more of what they love. Most Dealers enjoy selling AMSOIL products part-time to help fund their passions, like racing, restoring cars, riding motorcycles or traveling.

Our goal is to make selling AMSOIL products as easy as possible for you.

The AMSOIL Advantage:

Represent Industry-Leading Products

  • AMSOIL designs the best products and stands behind them.

  • AMSOIL products exceed industry-standard tests.

  • Enthusiasts regard AMSOIL products as the best available.

  • You will be proud and confident to share your knowledge.

Independence, Freedom and Flexibility

  • Chart your own path to success.

  • Work as a side-hustle or build it into something more.

  • Earn money for every product you sell.

  • Run your Dealership your way.

Affordable and Easy

  • Only $50 ($65 CAD) to register and get started.

  • Immediate access to industry-leading products at wholesale prices.

  • ZERO inventory requirements or sales quotas.

  • ZERO pressure to buy products or commit more time than you want.

Community of Enthusiasts

  • Join an established community of like-minded gearheads and enthusiasts.

  • AMSOIL Dealers have been selling our products for 50 years!

  • AMSOIL users love to share personal product testimonials.

  • You will enjoy engaging with people who share similar interests.

Simple Compensation Plan

  • Each product has assigned profit values.

  • Sell a product and earn the assigned profit.

  • Sell more and you can qualify for increased margins.

  • The more you sell, the more you can earn.

Corporate Support

  • Continuous promotion of AMSOIL through sponsorships and advertising.

  • Leverage AMSOIL marketing by promoting your Dealership at events.

  • Branded promotional items, including handouts, merchandise and apparel.

  • A dedicated sales support team to answer your questions.

  • Training will make you an expert on lubrication and AMSOIL products.

  • AMSOIL is committed to your success.

Technology Advantage

  • Regular online group training events help Dealers learn and share best practices.

  • MyAMSOILGarage™ stores vehicle maintenance information and sends service reminders.

  • Online Product Guides identify the right products for almost anything with an engine.

  • We email promotions to your customers incentivizing them to place orders.

  • AMSOIL Dealer Zone online dashboard makes managing your Dealership easy.

Distribution Network

  • AMSOIL manages your order processing, payment, taxes, shipping and returns.

  • FREE shipping on Dealer orders of $400 or more ($450 CAD).

  • FREE drop shipping on customer orders of $100 or more ($130 CAD).

  • Orders ship within 24 hours from our distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada.

  • You sell AMSOIL products, we’ll deliver quickly and accurately.

Orders ship quickly thanks to our 13 distribution centers around the U.S. and Canada.

Your Choice of Customer

  • Selling to enthusiasts, aka Preferred Customers, is the best way to start.

  • Help retailers stock shelves with the best lubrication products.

  • Seek out commercial businesses and fleets that buy in bulk.

  • Build a team of AMSOIL Dealers to help boost earnings on your sales.

  • Buy AMSOIL products for your personal vehicles at wholesale prices.

FREE Dealer Kit to Get You Started

The AMSOIL Dealer Starter Kit contains price lists, sample products and the Quick-Start Guide to help you get your Dealership started.

What’s the Catch?

To protect the opportunity for all Dealers, there are a few ground rules:

  • No posting AMSOIL product pricing online.

  • Respect the work of fellow Dealers by not engaging active AMSOIL customers or accounts.

  • AMSOIL” may not be used in your Dealership name or website domain.

  • Always identify yourself as an independent AMSOIL Dealer to avoid being confused with AMSOIL INC.

Register now to review a complete list of AMSOIL Dealer policies.

An AMSOIL Dealership is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes skill, hard work and time to build your AMSOIL Dealership. Some Dealers succeed, while others don’t, like any other business opportunity. AMSOIL provides ample resources to help you succeed, but it’s up to you to make it happen.

If you’re ready to discover a low-risk path to earning more money by selling AMSOIL products, get started right now and gain access to everything above for only $50.

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