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How to Warm Up Your Engine Faster in the Cold

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

As nice as it is to hop into a warm vehicle on a winter morning, idling the engine for several minutes wastes gas and costs money. In this post, we’ll look at an AMSOIL product that can help warm up your engine faster on those cold winter mornings.

How to warm up an engine with AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost

AMSOIL DOMINATOR Coolant Boost is designed to reduce corrosion and significantly enhance heat transfer in cooling systems. One of the overlooked benefits of better heat transfer is much faster engine warm up in winter conditions, which is noticed when the vehicle’s defroster works much sooner.

The same tiered-surfactant technology that aids in reducing engine operating temperatures also decreases engine warm-up times.

How your cooling system works

In a vehicle’s cooling system, the goal is to quickly and effectively move heat away from engine components, permitting the engine to run at a safe, controlled temperature.

An effective cooling system reduces stress on all aspects of the engine, including the oil. Alternatively, a corroded cooling system that transfers heat ineffectively will eventually lead to engine overheating, breakdown of engine oil and catastrophic failure.

Surfactant’s boost efficiency

A surfactant reduces the surface tension of water and antifreeze, allowing closer contact with metal parts. This closer contact increases the coolant’s efficiency in transferring heat away from hot engine parts and out through the radiator and fan.

Many leading coolant additives contain only one surfactant, limiting their temperature ranges and effectiveness.

AMSOIL DOMINATOR Coolant Boost uses three surfactants, each designed to operate in a different temperature range to increase liquid-to-metal contact from the time the vehicle starts to the time it reaches operating temperature.

The graphic above shows how each surfactant in Coolant Boost’s tiered-surfactant technology is designed to provide optimal performance over a wide temperature range, while competing products with only one surfactant are limited to performance in a single temperature range.

The table below outlines controlled testing of AMSOIL DOMINATOR Coolant Boost with a 50/50 antifreeze/water mix. When a cooling system reaches 120°F (49°C), you feel warm air coming out of the defroster. The time it takes to reach this temperature with Coolant Boost is reduced by 49% compared to the 50/50 antifreeze/water mix alone. The time required to warm the cooling system to 180ºF (82°C) is reduced by 54%.

So, if you’re wondering how to warm up your engine faster, try AMSOIL DOMINATOR Coolant Boost. By using tiered surfactants, it delivers quicker warm-up times in the winter and reduced engine temperatures in the summer, making it an excellent choice for year-round use.

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