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GM dexos1 Gen 3 Raises Motor Oil Performance Standards

GM raised the bar for motor-oil-performance standards with its proprietary dexos1 Gen 3 motor oil specification. Engine downsizing, improved power density, forced induction, multi-point fuel injection, cylinder deactivation and emissions systems are all driving demand for more advanced lubricants.

The new dexos1 Gen 3 specification is designed to address the challenges these smaller, higher-powered engines present. AMSOIL Signature Series, XL and OE Synthetic Motor Oil lines already outperform the new standard.

GM dexos1 Gen 3 highlights

GM dexos1 Gen 3 highlights include…

  • Updated performance standards for deposit and sludge control

  • Revised stochastic pre-ignition (SPI) test

  • Fuel-economy test with backward compatibility with previous GM specifications

The first date to claim the new spec was Sept. 1, 2021. Gen-2 certified products can be sold until Aug. 31, 2022.

Engine tests

GM made significant changes to align with ILSAC GF-6, the U.S. auto industry’s specification that launched on May 1, 2020. Gen 3 includes many of the GF-6 engine tests, plus additional requirements. An exception is the Sequence IIIH Test that is being replaced by the GM Oxidation and Deposit Test with tighter limits than previous generations.

The Sequence VH Sludge Test will also be strict to promote improved engine efficiency and cleanliness. In addition, GM will carry over many Gen 2 methods, including a test for turbocharger deposits at stricter limits. Finally, Gen 3 includes a new fuel-efficiency test using a Chevrolet Silverado.

Bench tests

In addition to engine tests, changes are being made to some key bench tests and rules for running tests. Notably, the Noack volatility limit will be changed from 13% to an average of 12.5% on three test runs.

Beyond GM dexos1 Gen 3

Today’s smaller, high-powered engines require advanced lubricants to avoid failure and maintain peak performance. GM’s dexos1 Gen 3 standard is answering that call by raising the level of lubrication performance.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils already outperform the Gen 3 specification, which is what you can expect from us – continuous innovation and research to push the limits of lubrication technology further.

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