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Cold Storage Recommendations for AMSOIL Products

Because cold-temperature storage can be detrimental to the performance of some AMSOIL products, AMSOIL provides the following cold storage recommendations:

Freeze-Tolerant Lubricants

Store all AMSOIL lubrication products at temperatures at least 10°F above the lubricant’s pour point:

Freeze-Tolerant Fluids

These AMSOIL products either do not freeze or suffer no adverse effects from a freeze-thaw cycle:

Fuel Additives

Other Fluids

Slip Lock®: If product separates, warm to room temperature and shake well before use.

Heavy-Duty Degreaser: warm to room temperature before use.

Brake Fluid: Do not store below -40°F longer than two weeks.

Do Not Freeze

These AMSOIL products should be stored in a dry place above freezing temperatures (32°F), especially aerosol products:

Diesel All-In-One: above 0°F

Diesel Cold Flow: above 0°F


When in doubt about correct AMSOIL product storage or usage, please read the product label or contact our Customer Service Department.

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